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It's finally here!

2010-03-23 02:40:49 by lucawesome

Super Effective: Audio Version, Episode 1

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Hathor Liderc helped out as the voice for the game text.
All over voices, Pokemon, and noises were provided by yours truly.

New Project Coming Soon!!

2010-03-10 04:46:55 by lucawesome

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Just a preview of what's to come. The first episode will hopefully be released sometime this month, stay tuned! All voices done by yours truly.

So many roles!

2009-12-06 16:46:22 by lucawesome

I've been landing roles left and right lately, and it feels awesome! I can't wait to see how all those projects come out.

No time to relax, gotta record more and more and more...!


2009-11-26 17:07:22 by lucawesome

Well, it's Thanksgiving and my folks are still out of town. I'm somewhat amazed 'cause I didn't notice till it was close to noon. Oh well, time to record more and more lines!

As far as updates go, I saw that Arceus movie last week. Can't wait to parody the crap out of that. Expect a new audio skit soon.

Female lucawesome.

2009-11-05 16:32:23 by lucawesome

You losers wish you were half as awesome as Aprizzle.
... Also, I finally got a few scripts I've been waiting on and a few projects will finally get started and released soon!

Look out for Donkamule. It's gonna be huge.
Are you happy now, Lon?

Female lucawesome.


2009-10-14 02:24:11 by lucawesome

Oh hey, look, it's an excuse to make a new post!

Uh, what to type...? Oh! Right!
I'm gonna be part of a really awesome project soon! Aprizzle, Rina-chan, KitsuneSqueak, and other well-known members of the VAC will also be part of it! I'm so excited and really looking forward to it!

... Also, enjoy this video.

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"lucawesome is a fag!"

2009-09-27 16:39:36 by lucawesome

... Up yours, Lon. <3

"lucawesome is a fag!"

Back to work!

2009-09-09 21:35:35 by lucawesome

This past weekend was the best weekend of my life!
I got to meet my hero/idol/inspiration/reason for living, Steve Blum. Truly a god among men. Also, I got to brofist and mega five him. What an honor!

... Okay, time to get some recording done!

Please excuse me for looking so horrible in that picture. ;~;

Back to work!

Brb, Anime Vegas~

2009-09-05 03:57:45 by lucawesome

This is gonna be so awesome~! :3


2009-09-02 02:45:37 by lucawesome

Gotta record, gotta record, gotta record!

There's a bunch of fun projects whose auditions are due sometime this month, I know for a fact one ends this Friday, which is also the day I'll be picking up my pre-reg badge for Anime Vegas. Holy crap, I'm so excited for it! Gonna be my first convention ever and I really hope I get a chance to meet the legendary Steve Blum. Back to topic. Really gotta get my ass in gear now, I won't get any roles by just sitting around!