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Nicely done!

It was pretty funny, and I really liked the voices! ... Um, I'd probably leave a longer comment, but it's close to two in the morning right now. Keep on keeping on, huh? :]

AMTRAX91 responds:

Thanks or asthey say on newgrounds: tanks.


Really loved your voice in this, very well done! Then again, I love pretty much everything you do. Why are you so awesome? Haha, but in all seriousness, keep on keeping on!

Big improvement over the last one!

Nice variety, you're really getting there now!
It was good to hear all those different, original voices, and I liked them. Though it seems to me like you're holding yourself back a little. Why not try recording when your room/house is quiet or you're home alone and really go all out on it? Haha, of course, I don't mean just shouting into the mic, but talking and envisioning yourself like you're truly in your character's situation and just letting the emotions flow with the voice.

Other than that, that's pretty much it. If you're planning on recording yet another demo reel to top this one, I suggest doing it near the end of the year, or at the beginning of next year, then compare it to this one and see how much you've improved. But I have to say, your leap between this one and your last one was impressive.

Keep on keeping on!

Shiraikigu responds:

Thank you very much. I wasn't quite sure if there was much of a difference, but I like this demo better than my other for an odd reason. This was helpful.

You're getting there.

Heya, just another member of the VAC here.

If you ask me, I think you could definitely do better than this, and it does sound like you have potential, but don't limit yourself to just doing impressions in your demo. Come up with original voices of your own and add more variety to them. Also, try to speak a little louder and with more excitement and confidence. One of the first things one must learn to become a VA is how to get out of that "comfort zone" and just go all out to show people how you can work wonders with your voice.

Check out Hnilmik's thread on how to put a demo reel together in the Guides, Tips & Advice section of the VAC forums, it will really help you out.

Other than that, just keep at it, you'll get better in no time! And if you want to see what I mean when I say "adding variety to your voice", check out my audio submission titled Snake's Crazy Codec Convos.

Can't love it enough.

And I love your voice even more, you're amazing.

I love this too much.

I swear, I listen to this thing like 10 times a day. D;

JonH2O responds:

Hey thanks for the compliment but....I kinda feel sorry now lmao.


Ah, just an amateur voice actor here, hoping someone might be interested in my voice work. Feel free to contact me anytime! I practice every day, and I constantly strive to become better!

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